Our Story

When Russell was 14, he joined a traveling high school with the purpose of both studying and doing volunteer work. His travels led him all the way from Lubbock, Texas, to Italy, where he met and married Federica. With tandem goals of love for God and a desire to serve people, they continued traveling around the world to live a life of faith, trusting God to provide for their needs.

Their passion has always been to make the world a better place, and their hope is to share their belief that everyone can change their part of the world and be happy regardless of obstacles.

For 25 years, they focused their time and resources on helping those in need and teaching about God and His love for mankind. They had six children and traveled and lived in 14 countries. They visited orphans in Chile, sang for thousands during the Christmas season in the USA, learned to love the Japanese culture, survived and volunteered in the 1999 earthquake in Taiwan, and traveled into the heart of Mongolia. In 2005, they returned to the country where this incredible and satisfying journey had all started: Italy.

Now they have brought their dedication and experience of service to the Pit Stop, where they continue to serve people through good food and providing a place to create great memories with friends and build friendships and businesses.

Meet the rest of us