About The Pistop


The Pitstop is located on the grounds of Ottobiano Motorsports, one of the most popular motorsport tracks in northern Italy. Our menu offers a fusion of American gourmet style burgers and traditional wood oven Italian pizza. As part of our commitment to quality and sustainability, we try where we can to source our food locally and use the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.

The Pitstop is spacious, well ventilated, and features multiple HDTVs, with a central screen projector and sound system where everyone can enjoy the latest MotoGp, F1, SB, or MX race. Large windows line the wall and offer a great view of the fast-paced motorcycle or kart racing action on the track. Well-known champions from various motorsport disciplines regularly stop by, adding to the excitement.

Our location makes us ideal for parties, celebrations, corporate events, or a dinner with friends. To add to the fun, rent a kart for your own enjoyment or take it up a notch and challenge your friends or coworkers to a race around the track.

Finally, the Pitstop is about people. It’s about fun and relaxation, a place to meet those with similar interests, where friends gather to eat, drink and watch their favorite motorsports game.

Service. Teamwork. Bold Action. Courage. Purpose. Change. Joy. These are all principles that we need in life, but that we, at The Pitstop, aspire to practice in our daily work routines and service to our customers.


When we are diligent, when we focus on serving, we are recognized. A successful company is a reflection of bold and active service. People who do whatever it takes to get the job done and perform with heart and diligence are the ones who work magic.


We are more successful together than when alone. At The Pitstop, we care for each other, because we know that building a positive team will help us better serve and take care of our guests. We encourage team members to take initiative and create harmony, eliminating criticism and negative interactions.

Bold Action

We are committed to follow our unconventional and crazy heart. Bold action creates energy; it’s rising above complacency and exploring new possibilities. We believe that the only thing that stands between a person and the life they would like to create is the will to do it and the belief that it’s possible.


We don’t want to be average! To stand for greatness requires courage to do something that goes above and beyond what’s expected. We choose the unknown over the known and aspire to make an impact on those we come in contact with.


Our purpose is to give, to serve, to make a difference. We do so by helping out with charity projects and in supporting the local community.


We enjoy exploring new methods that will provide efficiency and better service. We are careful not to settle into routines. The only way to evolve and remain youthful is to embrace change as part of our culture. Taking a step away from familiar territory can help us discover what we are capable of becoming.


The success of a company also hinges on its ability to create a positive and fun atmosphere. It’s our goal to do just that. We are at our best when we are appreciating and enjoying life.